Can You Have a Bonfire on Panama City Beach?

Doing your research for your next trip to Panama City Beach? You’re in the right place! This post promises a quick read with great info on Panama City Beach, especially in terms of condos, what to do there, bonfires, and more.

You will hopefully be both inspired and enlightened as you learn all that you can before your travels take you to our shores. We’re mainly here to answer your burning question: “Can you have a bonfire on Panama City Beach?”

In short, the answer is yes! But it’s much easier to work with a local company than to do it on your own. Consider working with one of these local businesses! If you are looking for something to do with your sweetheart, look into our 1 bedroom condos in Panama City Beach!

Beautiful bonfire on the beach
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Light Me Up Beach Bonfires 

One can’t simply just check out the many Panama City Beach condo rentals without looking into the bonfire Panama City Beach options as well, particularly those provided by Light Me Up Beach Bonfires. One ought to also talk about the different packages they offer for these special bonfires, of course, as well as the pricing, etc. People don’t seem to know or talk enough about this, and it’s a real shame that many are missing out on cutting down costs this way. 

Light Me Up specializes in helping you plan your bonfires safely, with its package prices ranging from $400 – $600 altogether. The basic package (with s’mores, a Bluetooth speaker, and 8 chairs) starts at $400, with the upscale one (which includes 12 chairs and sparklers) going at $500, and the super-premium type of package (which has everything we’ve mentioned so far plus cornhole, tables, and up to 20 chairs) ending at $600. The last 2 packages can get your fire going for 3 full hours, whereas the first only covers 2 hours. Keep that in mind if you want to spend a bit more time on the sand. Pair this with an evening exploring one of the breweries near Panama City Beach for the perfect night!

Endless Beach Rentals 

Another great option for your beach bonfire comes from Endless Beach Rentals. They can help you set up a romantic evening with your partner or a fun night with your friends. No matter what you’re looking for, you can get a personalized experience here. 

So first of all, know that 4 packages are offered. The cheapest is the Date Night Package at $250, which offers a warm and cozy, 2-hour fire along with a side table and s’mores. But for an extra hour of flame and warmth and room for more people, bump it up to the Starry Night Package at $400. Or you can also go with the Endless Night Package at $475, which offers the same length of burning fuel but includes a few other extra goodies in there. Last but surely not least, you ought also to look into booking the most premium, all-inclusive package there is, which would be the Grand Panama package for $675. If you still need options, look into our Panama City Beach condos perfect for a couples getaway!

Plan Your Trip

Having a beach bonfire just makes the beach that much better. Book your stay today, and take your vacation!

Find Your PCB Condo 

People talk about booking with Flip Rentals, Airbnb, or VRBO often. But these sites are not everything. In fact, in Panama City Beach, booking rental properties can get quite pricey through these sites. Instead, you should think about why you should book with Pelican Walk. We are proud to be your top resource for places to stay in PCB! 

Find a stellar 3-bedroom condo right there in the city. You can get a small condo perfect for couples or perhaps pet-friendly condos in Panama City Beach that are a bit more spacious. The options are seemingly endless! Whatever your dream vacation looks like, Pelican Walk can make it happen. We save you the effort of searching as well as cost, compared to most other online sites. 

Thanks for taking the time to browse through the insights offered in this reading. Hopefully, it has captured your attention and wowed you for a bit on the many ways that you can go about making this vacation truly a special one. Ask our experts for their wisdom when you plan to come out here. Let them help you make your stay amazing. Contact us today!


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