Dine at Finns Barista Bar and Snack Shack During Your Panama City Beach Vacation

Coffee shops in Panama City Beach are always busy, and one, in particular, stands out above all the rest. Finns Barista Bar at Finns Island Style Grub has a way of keeping it fresh.

This eatery has it all! Great coffee, delicious meals, and catering, too. They like to say that it is best to keep it small, but their patrons might disagree.

That’s because the coffee has a big impact in the morning, their lunch plates will keep you going all day in a big way, and their evening cuisine and catering loom large over the competition. When you’re in Panama City Beach, visit Finns Island Style Grub. Your tummy will thank you!

The Menus

Breakfast in Panama City Beach is so much fun when you are reading it from the menu at Finn’s. It reads like an adventure book. There is the $6 Kids menu for ages 10 and under, Epic Quesadillas that are grilled to crispy perfection on a 10” flour tortilla with Monterey jack & cheddar cheese, The Endless Summer taco plate which is quite yummy and is composed of two tacos on corn tortillas, and of course, the Fish Taco plate from a hot grill. 

barista bar in panama city beach
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But there’s more; take, for example, the Ahi Tuna, the Shrimp Taco Grilled Shrimp, the Killer Camita smoked pork plate, then the Carne Asada Steak and onion plate, and a fabulous feast called the Beachin Yardbird featuring jerked chicken, and the menu is complete with the Veggie Taco with black beans plate.

Finns Munchies: when you have got some serious munchies going on, do not fear; Finns has that covered too! How about the Chop Burrito, which is big enough to sink a ship? There’s also the 6 Burrito Bowl with rice, the Finntastic Wrap Spring Mix with cabbage and cheese, the Valentina with white sauce, and 6 very happy Crunch Wrap Grilled Tortillas with chips, the Spring Mix, and the Avocado Ranch 6 Wind Chop with nachos.

Directions from Pelican Walk & Hours

Panama City Beach restaurants are some of the finest and most picturesque eateries in the country, and Finns Island Style Grub & Barista has three awesome locations:

Finns Island Style Grub at 2808 St. Andrews, Finns Island Style Grub at 7210 St. Thomas Drive, and Finns Barista Bar at 7220 St. Thomas Drive, all under 20 minutes from your pet-friendly condos in Panama City Beach at the beach.

Panama City Beach Condo on Thomas Drive is just a 20-minute drive to Finns Island Style Grub locations.

Plan Your Stay

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