Visit the Panama City Beach Conservation Park

If you are staying in one of our Panama City Beach condo rentals, then you must take some time to visit the Panama City Beach Conservation Park. The Panama City Beach Conservation Park is a beautiful nature conservation in the heart of Panama City Beach.

This 2,900-acre park was established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Corp of Engineers, and the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

It is a wonderful place to spend time in the warm weather and explore all the nature and wildlife that Florida has to offer.  

panama city beach conservation park


The conservation park stands as one of the most well-supported parks near Panama City Beach. A large part of what the Panama City Beach Conservation Park does is use the city’s reclaimed water to rehydrate the wetlands.  Many years ago, tree farming became popular in the area. This left the ecosystem unbalanced and not working properly. The Conservation seeks to restore the natural water balance to the area and make the wetlands a fully functioning ecosystem where many different species can live happily. 

Adjacent to the water management building, there is a park complex in the Conservation Park. This acts as a public reception area for guests of the park to use. There is a picnic area, restrooms, a pavilion area, and an outdoor classroom. 


This Conservation was initially created to restore thousands of acres of wetlands and to keep them safe. The Conservation now protects 2,900 acres of land. This land is home to many different species of plants and animals that now thrive thanks to the park. In its journey, conservationists have worked to remove invasive species that were harming the land. While doing so, they simultaneously began to reintroduce native species back to the land so that they could once again live in their native environment. 

With its creation, the Conservation also sought to provide a space for hikers and bikers to enjoy nature. Whether you choose to hike, bike, or simply observe nature, you can find many ways to spend your time while visiting. Since its formation, the Conservation has had millions of visitors. During your time in Panama City Beach, come see what the Conservation is all about.


There is enough to do at the Panama City Beach Conservation Park for an entire day of fun and exploration. Before you leave for the day, make sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather, and bring sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. 

Hiking is one of the best things to do while visiting the Conservation. Within the almost three-thousand acres are twelve different trails ranging from 0.6 to 11 miles long. There are a total of 24 miles of trails to explore, so no matter how many times you visit, you will always be able to find new ways to go.  

Plan Your Stay

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If you are not interested in hiking or biking, another great option is bird or nature watching. The Conservation is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species that are fascinating to find and observe. If you are interested in the many species that live in the wetlands, make sure to bring binoculars, and maybe a camera to snap some photos. 

Trails in the Conservation are open from sunrise to sunset. You may walk or bike on the trails, but no motorized vehicles or horses are allowed at any time. The Conservation is also dog friendly, but your furry pal must remain on their leash for the duration of your trip. While there is a picnic area, no campfires or open flames are allowed.

Where to Stay

If you plan to bring your furry friend on your trip, the Panama City Beach Conservation Park is a great place to spend the day. If you are traveling with your pet, you will also need to find some pet-friendly condos in Panama City Beach. Give us a call and we will gladly assist you with finding the best place for you to stay.


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