Find a Wheelchair Rental for the Beach in Panama City Beach

Believe it or not, using a wheelchair in Panama City is easier than you think. You will find Panama City Beach wheelchair rentals that allow you to explore the beach easily. They come with specially made tires that allow you to roam and enjoy the beach with your family.

You will want to get out and enjoy the Panama City Beach weather, and you won’t have to give anything up with all of the wheelchair rental options. You will have the opportunity to choose between a push wheelchair, a motorized beach wheelchair, a floating version, and your average land scooter. 

No matter what the activity is, you can even find pet-friendly condos in Panama City Beach. They can be delivered right to the beach, and you can keep them between 1 and 7 days. You will enjoy the water with your family, and be part of all the activities. 

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About Wheelchair Rentals In Panama City Beach

Beach Powered Mobility aims to provide you the best Panama City Beach wheelchair rental for wheelchairs. They can deliver this to your doorstep or meet you at the beach. Whatever you need, you will be sure to get it with the help of this fantastic company. 

You will have the options to choose between different types of wheelchairs; all are created to give you the most fun. Each option will allow you to experience something amazing that you would have missed out on without it. 

Options For You

Beach Powered Mobility is the number one Panama City Beach wheelchair rental company. Why? They have tons of options for you to choose from. There are four different types of wheelchairs to choose from. 

Push Wheelchair- If you have someone who can push you around on the beach, this is a good option. It allows you to be pushed around on the beach with the help of your family. 

Motorized Beach Wheelchair- This is the best option if you want to explore on your own and not worry about your family. You can control the wheelchair with the control on the armrest.

Floating Wheelchair- Planning to go into the water? This is a great option! It comes with wheels that will allow you to move on the beach, but that can also easily help you float. 

Land Scooter- This is a good option if you plan on shopping outside off of the beach. It comes with a basket in the front, and you can control it from the handles. The best part is any one of these wheelchairs can help you go shelling in Panama City Beach!

Plan Your Stay

Everyone should be able to enjoy a beach vacation, and with these wheelchair rentals, you can make sure the needs of your family are met! Now all you need is the perfect Panama City Beach condo rental, check our offerings, and book your dates.


For each wheelchair, you will have an option to choose from. You will find that most of the wheelchairs can be rented one day at a time or for an entire week. Each will have different rates, and you can call their team to ask questions. Here are some rates you can expect to pay. 

  • Push Wheelchair- $65-$185
  • Motorized Beach Wheelchair- $75-$395
  • Floating Wheelchair- $75-$225
  • Land Scooter- $85-$225

If you need your Panama City Beach wheelchair rental delivered, it will cost extra money. However, they will deliver it straight to your doorstep, and it will be no hassle on your end. 

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Book Your Panama City Beach Condo

Often, hotels are not the best for wheelchairs and can be more of a hassle to get around in. That is why we recommend Panama City Beach condo rentals. You will be near all local activities, get the best views, and your condo will be spacious enough for you to move around in. 

There are one-bedroom condos to choose from with decks that allow you to sit outside and relax. There are three-bedroom condos with floor-to-ceiling windows where you can enjoy nice views. The perfect vacation option is to stay in Panama City Beach condos.

There is no doubt that you will be able to explore the beach and enjoy Panama City Beach weather. You can find the best wheelchairs and condos that allow you to have the most freedom. You can enjoy all that life has to offer and experience a wonderful vacation.


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