Why is the Fall the Best Time to Visit Panama City Beach?

When thinking about taking a vacation to a tropical destination such as Panama City Beach, many people tend to think that summer or winter are the better times to visit. You will obviously receive the best heat in the summer, and depending on where you are coming from, the warmer weather in the winter months is always a welcome change from the snow.

However, we believe that the best time to visit Panama City Beach is in the fall. There are many reasons for choosing to visit Panama City Beach in the fall, but we have listed a few of them below, and we hope you agree.

Perhaps the biggest pull is the availability of our vacation condos at this time of the year! The truth is, the emerald waters of the Gulf and the inviting white sands of our beaches are available all year round. You can enjoy a lovely walk on the beach or enjoy the sunset over the horizon regardless of when you visit, but there are lots of other pros to visiting Panama City Beach in the fall. 

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Nice Weather

The first thing to consider is the weather in Panama City Beach. We stated above that the weather is gorgeous regardless of the time of your visit; however, the temperatures are a little more comfortable for most people during the fall months. While you can expect summer heat and humidity to have you indoors or seeking refuge from the heat, in the fall, you won’t have that to worry about. Daytime highs can reach up to 79F, but the humidity isn’t as apparent, and you can actually enjoy the warmth of the sun. With less humidity comes less of a chance of rainfall, giving you more sunny days to enjoy during your vacation! The nights can cool off considerably, but even at its lowest of 63F, a light sweater will be more than enough to keep you comfortable. 

Even the water temperatures are not that bad, usually resting at about 72F. While it is not the warmest that the Gulf can get, during the days it will offer you a refreshing cool off in the sun!

Crowd Control and Penny Pinching

Perhaps the biggest draw to coming to Panama City Beach in the fall is the fact that everything settles and slows down. With the temperatures dropping slightly, the warm-weather crowds start to empty out, leaving you plenty of room on the beaches and in shops and restaurants.

Plan Your Visit

We have plenty of Panama City Beach condos to choose from, regardless of your party size. Our most popular options are the 1 bedroom condos that we offer, which are perfect for friends or couples looking to get away and relax! Pick up a phone and call 850.234.8090 today and let one of our amazing customer service representatives get you settled for your next fall vacation!

Sure, some activities may not be available due to it being “offseason,” but all the remaining places that are still open have much more availability. The cost of these places, including rental rates and restaurant prices, will also drop during this downtime, offering you more bang for your buck!

Places to Stay

The fact of the matter is that whatever time you choose to stay here, our Panama City Beach condos on Thomas Drive are always your best choice! They are affordable, spacious, luxurious, and have everything you could hope for in a home away from home.


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